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By Rahul Desai On January 9, 2013

Why Pune Is Not Bangalore

I have spent the biggest part of my sane life in Pune (Maharashtra, to be precise). If forced to define, I would say I am...

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By Rahul Desai On October 5, 2011

Hypocrite We All Are

Paradox and Hypocrite happen to be two of my favourite words in the English language. I’m assuming it’s because I can relate...

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By Rahul Desai On October 26, 2010

Delhi 6

I finally started living in my new (rented) apartment in Bangalore, with no great movie to look for on TV (not sure if I...

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By Dr Bharat Desai On September 27, 2010

The One Minute Apology

Dr Bharat Desai's review of "The One Minute Apology" by Ken Blanchard and Margret McBride:

  • A powerful way to make things...

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By Rahul Desai On July 28, 2010

So Much For Reading!

Like in Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘3 Deewarein’ three independent incidences took place with me in the recent past, which were meant...

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One of my closest friends once tagged me in a note on Facebook revealing some of the shocking secrets. The idea was to write...

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By Rahul Desai On January 16, 2009


Talking of Dilemma, a few things hit my mind:
  • ...

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By Rahul Desai On August 17, 2008

How To Deal With Change?

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in...

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If my existence mattered to you (in any positive way), you must thank ‘Vega’ for saving my life. (Or at least, for...

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By Rahul Desai On February 17, 2006

The Origin Of Stress

Most people in the world today suffer from stress. To deal with stress you must first find out its origin. Identify its...

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By Rahul Desai On December 8, 2005

Have I Been Too Late?

A wi-fi enabled notebook and a compatible multimedia mobile-phone (with sufficient calling currency) can make a killer...

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