The Origin Of Stress

    Rahul Desai

    Most people in the world today suffer from stress. To deal with stress you must first find out its origin. Identify its source before you can root it out. Imagine there is a foul odour in a room. The smell comes from a decomposed mouse behind the curtain. Without finding its origin, you may try to drown the odour with air freshener and perfume. Such methods may restrain the smell for a while but cannot eradicate it. For eliminating it, you must locate the source of the odour. The moment you find the dead mouse you know exactly what to do. You then understand the absurdity of applying external solutions to an internal problem of stress. You must, therefore, get to the bottom line of stress. Then alone will you be able to deal with it, reduce it and ultimately become stress-free.


    Stressed Man


    Stress arises from an ungoverned mind. One cannot afford to let the mind take over one's actions. The mind has no direction or dimension. The intellect alone can direct, govern and control the mind. If the intellect is not available for guiding it or not powerful enough to control it, the mind can go berserk and devastate the personality.

    If your intellect does not exercise its control over your mind, desires develop into their different permutations. When you feed your desires (काम) indiscriminately and gain your desired objects, you yearn for more and more objects. You crave for larger possession and greater enjoyment. You develop passion, lust or greed (लोभ). If you continue to cater to your greed and acquire more and more material wealth you become intoxicated with success and mentally deranged. You lose yourself in delusion (मोह). Having reached the state of moha, your desires can modify into either arrogance (मद्) or envy (मात्सर्य). Arrogance towards those who rank below your level of achievement. Envy at those above your level. In the giddy heights of success and prosperity, you maintain a constant fear (भय) of losing what you have gained. If however, your desires are ever thwarted by any person or object, you develop anger (क्रोध्) at the particular obstruction.

    All these passions agitate your mind to cause stress. The way to control and discipline your desires is to work for a higher ideal in life. Fix a goal, an ideal which serves a common cause, benefits your community and country. Then the mind finds a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.

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