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By Rahul Desai On October 6, 2010

Propeller Confessions

Ever tried locating your house from an aeroplane approaching your ‘home’ airport? I’ve tried that. I do that. Every time....

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‘Go Green’ seems to be the Mantra of the moment. Not sure if it’s an outcome of the recession, every organization is talking...

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By Rahul Desai On April 4, 2006

An Eye In The Sky


This article is a core-IT (Information Technology) subject with a core-professional interest for the related people. Any...

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By Rahul Desai On February 10, 2006

Networking: As A Career

Oops! This article was supposed to be a sequel, but I’m afraid not many have read the previous one. Not an issue as such! Let...

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For those of my dear friends knowing little or absolutely nothing about my business, there are three divisions in my company...

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By Rahul Desai On December 8, 2005

Have I Been Too Late?

A wi-fi enabled notebook and a compatible multimedia mobile-phone (with sufficient calling currency) can make a killer...

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