5 Reasons To Quit Facebook

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Being a social media addict, it is not easy to  NOT like Facebook or sorts. There have been really strong reasons, however, behind writing this article. We all 'Facebook' for one or the other reason. But there may be many others, why we should not.

Earlier today, I was going through a photo-album and ‘tagging’ people. (That’s what we’re supposed to do, right? ‘Tag Faces’? ‘Face’ book?) So I did. To my surprise, I could identify two extremely opposite sets of people:

  • People that I never imagined would use a computer, were on Facebook. (I wouldn’t have imagined this, say, five years ago. But not anymore. They are quite active. They do ‘like’ my comments and photos off and on. They are very much here to stay.)
  • People that could be on Facebook weren’t really there.
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Unprecedented Vacation of 2010

2 min read | About Lifestyle, Travel

It must have been due for a while. Especially for the things I’ve done (rather, things that happened to me) in last two weeks,

  • Completely unplanned holidays
  • Unexplored exotic beach(es)
  • Coloured my hair red
  • Football – FIFA World Cup Live in Goa!
  • Busted bladder with Breezers
  • Explored amazing Music (Instrument) Stores, on foot
  • ...followed by some Asian-style Foot Massage
  • Day-long train journey (in a real Indian way) - Konkan route!
  • And then the fastest bus ride (like the ‘Fastest Indian’. MSRTC rocks)!
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The Formula For All Round Success In Life

1 min read | About Spiritual, Lifestyle

Stress Management - When and How?

Do one thing at a time. Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on to the next thing. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it. It leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance. Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you’re doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. And enjoy the experience. Is your life fulfilling? Or is it merely crammed? Know the difference and you’ll realize it’s not the quantity of activities you engage in (or possessions you collect) that ultimately determine your happiness. One naturally unfolding, enriching experience can easily surpasses many rushed and distracted ones. But you may be so chronically overscheduled, you never give yourself a chance to enjoy anything to the fullest. Experiment. Choose an occasion and give it your complete, mindful and unhurried attention....

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Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan

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Disclaimer: When I say Bombay, I mean Bombay. That's not a slip of tongue. And that's unlikely to change. Now, let's get back to the article.

With a dense humanity of tens of millions, there’s barely anybody who can claim to be somebody here. Everyone is in hurry and of all, every individual’s priority is the highest at all times. Someone in an auto, some in a bus, some on foot; everybody approaching the railway station, and they all will catch 6:23 AM Virar-fast to Churchgate (which would already be over-packed from the origin station itself)…

On the same time, there are some fortunate ones who don’t have to deal with the crammed railways at all. I leave by 8:20 from home, reach the office at 9:00 passing through one of the greenest areas of Bombay - the Aarey Dairy Township. Unless there is some unusual change in plans, I reach back home by seven in the evening, and have all the time under the sun - all to myself. For any localite, my life is lousy and slow. (Trust me, it’s not.) Probably they are jealous. 

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The Origin Of Stress

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Most people in the world today suffer from stress. To deal with stress you must first find out its origin. Identify its source before you can root it out. Imagine there is a foul odour in a room. The smell actually comes from a decomposed mouse behind the curtain. Without finding its origin, you may try to drown the odour with air freshener and perfume. Such methods may restrain the smell for a while but cannot eradicate it. For eliminating it completely you must locate the source of the odour. The moment you find the dead mouse you know exactly what to do. You then understand the absurdity of applying external solutions to an internal problem of stress. You must therefore get to the bottom line of stress. Then alone will you be able to deal with it, reduce it and ultimately become stress-free.

Stress arises from an ungoverned mind. One cannot afford to let the mind take over one's actions. The mind has no direction or dimension. The intellect alone can direct, govern and control the mind. If the intellect is not available for guiding it or not powerful enough to control it, the mind can go berserk and devastate the personality.

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Have I Been Too Late?

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A wi-fi enabled notebook and a compatible multimedia mobile-phone (with sufficient calling currency) can make a killer combination.

6:25 on a Thursday morning, the computing machinary wakes up and a preset media player playlist pops up (Windows XP Scheduled task) at my service. Meanwhile, Nokia PC Suit auto-connects to ‘AirTel Mobile Office’. 6:30 now, Outlook Express comes in (a Scheduled task again), and ‘you have no new messages’. Not an issue; there will be one, by 9:00 for sure. And I guessed it right: there’s a new message, on reaching the office. Mail from a friend, asking to meet over coffee in the evening post-work. Ctrl+R, “Deal”, Alt+s. No redundant communications ever, after this. Just an email with some acknowledging task. (Thankfully, none of those hundreds of planning-calls, Rs 1.20/min each)

Between this, the reminder on cell-phone ticks: I have to make a presentation post-lunch between 3:00 and 4:00pm. The ‘Meeting’-type reminder also specifies the person’s name and contact number whom I have to ‘meet’, apart from the meeting timing, duration and the location. Not to mention, all this well in advance, giving me all my time to rehearse. On the way, I realize my mobile-phone battery is low. Not an issue: the latest technology DKU-5 (cell-to-PC connecting cable) can also be used to charge the cell-phone through the notebook’s battery. Thank USB! So here I manage to reach, on time. It’s a government office: Bhopal Development Authority (BDA).

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