5 Reasons Not To Be On Facebook

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Being a Social Media-addict, it's never easy finding reasons to  NOT like Facebook or sorts. There've been really strong reasons, however, behind writing this article. We all 'Facebook' for a reason or the other. But there may be many others, why we should not.

Earlier today, I was going through a photo-album and ‘tagging’ people. (That’s what we’re supposed to do, right? ‘Tag Faces’? ‘Face’ book?) So I did. To my surprise, I could recognize two extremely opposite sets of people:

  • People that I never imagined would use a computer, were on Facebook. (I wouldn’t have imagined this, say, five years ago. But not anymore. They’re quite active. They do ‘like’ my comments and photos off and on. They’re very much here to stay.)
  • People that could be on Facebook weren’t really there.
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My Tweet In Newspaper

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Wooppiee! My tweet got ‘published’ (as in ‘printed’) in today’s Times of India – Pune Mirror (Feb 2, 2010 – Page 31 Variety). Boy, am I excited to see my name up there! Probably my trip to Shirdi did some trick… (I just can’t stop blushing – as if I had won the Nobel prize for World Peace!!)

Always wondered what Twitter or Tweeting’s worth? Besides growing your business (with the help of some serious corporate-gyaan from Hubspot on utilizing Social Media and Inbound Marketing), you can actually get your name printed/published in a local newspaper!

I had stopped reading Pune Mirror ever since they dropped ‘I love Pune/ I hate Pune’ section. Now I realize I had been missing on some good stuff from good people. Thanks a lot Dev for bringing this to my notice. You made my day!

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