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By Rahul Desai On April 3, 2006

Journey To Bhopal

Titles can really be deceiving. The ideal article-title here could have been “Traveling by Raj National Express”. I basically...

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Yet another hot Sunday in Bhopal, Raghu and I were fearsly trying to get some work done at the office. With my typically...

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Why Bhopal? The answer is simpler than tougher. However, the issue is severe: Why start a business in Bhopal?

And that makes...

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I am not talking about talking-for-free to absolutely anyone in any corner of the world (through Skype); nor is it about free...

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I have not referred to the Webster’s, Oxford’s or Gala’s or any other reliable (or even unreliable) dictionary for an...

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If there's anything like 'luck', then I've been the luckiest. Twice! Twice I've been privileged to see and hear their...

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