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This article is a core-IT (Information Technology) subject with a core-professional interest for the related people. Any person outside this domain is likely to start throwing up right at the beginning of the article. Further (obviously), a big part of the article content is inspired from a whitepaper with the market-research objective. Non-techies can drop the article right here or there's always an option of challenging your puking sensation. ITians, just dig in. I've deliberately left some points untouched and unexplained. I would love to discuss them in detail, should someone notice and raise these points.

So here you are, 'IP-Surveillance: A Report'

An Eye In The Sky

All those into computer networking related (based) businesses (or investments), this is the high-time to get in to the IP video surveillance. With a large untapped customer base just waiting to be explored, the new age IP surveillance is best suited for solutions providers as with networking skills. I've just touched it and I realized there's a lot to be explored, learnt and encashed (at least for the networkers).

So get in to the opportunity and enjoy the first mover advantage, before it becomes an en masse business.

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Blogging For Money

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This certainly isn't the greatest article I've ever read. And frankly, it talks crap. Just that the other day I got to talk to our very own Ms Bhavana Musuluri and she somehow feels that blogging is the only thing I'm involved (engrossed?) into (and not my work or business or girls or any other more considerable things). May be she didn’t mean all the other stuff. However, here’s an article I came across a few days back, which has some relevance.

They say, some people have actually quit their greatly-paying jobs (and source of brown-bread and cheese-spread) for taking up full-time activity called Blogging. Topic’s of interest. At least it boosted me that the only thing I lack today is a quality content - something others might really consider worth ‘reading’. So, here you are, an article from ‘Business World’ March 13, 2006 issue, dedicated to our guest visiting home, Bhavana:

There's Money in it, Honey!

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Of All Places, Why Bhopal?

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Why Bhopal? The answer is simpler than tougher. However, the issue is severe: Why start a business in Bhopal?

And that makes this article more interesting and complicated, since the facts about the city are flatly unknown to the most of non-Bhopalis. Through this, I also mean to touch the root of the definition of a city. It apparently is the motive behind our local information portal: What is there that we want to bring into Bhopal as a city which it doesn't have (a defined medium), through what it already has (the human and the technological resources). Any ways. Question still exists: what is a 'city'?

Relying on some dictionary-meanings and some definitions from renowned institutions, a ‘city’ stands for: A large and densely populated urban area; includes several independent administrative districts; has cultural diversity; is more politically important than towns and villages; has some degree of self-government; or conglomerations of self-governing units. One very interesting definition read: a city is where you should be able to feel somewhat anonymous, and be able to do things without the whole place knowing about it before your own family knows. Makes complete sense to me. Who wants to live a celebrity life in a small-town? And between this, comes in Bhopal: A city spread over an area of more than 285 sq km, with a large population of almost 15,00,000 (in words, approx one and half million human beings. Or 1.5 M prospective customers?).

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Confusing Hard Work With Struggle

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I’ve not referred to the Webster’s, Oxford’s or Gala’s or any other reliable (or even unreliable) dictionary for an absolute meaning of the noun ‘struggle’. Somehow it gives me a negative feeling and therefore, I defy its relation - whatsoever - with the noun ‘success’.

We often hear from our parents, grand-parents, elder siblings, some times even friends (the early-age achievers, talking like 90’s at the age of 20’s) referring our cousin for how hard-working s/he’s been; our senior school-mate how he struggled for the position he’s into today; some nobody on some not-yet-claimed-planet-in-the-galaxy telling how much pain she went through to reach where she is today.

Okay wait: what has ‘pain’ got to do with success or achievements in the first place?? Even the laziest as$ would agree that some sort of hard work is must. But that simply shouldn’t inflict struggle into the picture. In fact, in this jet-age, a struggler (to start with) is most likely to enjoy the rest of his/her life as a successful struggler (by choice) only. Don’t we know it’s a call for smart work, instant money and faster growth today? Of course, this never rules out the importance of hard work, nor can anything else do that.

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Networking: As A Career

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Oops! This article was supposed to be a sequel, but I’m afraid not many have read the previous one. Not an issue as such! Let that be the prequel, since the content in this article is likely to be of some actual use. Less gyan more maal!

If you’ve not read about the reasons for considering the networking field as a booming area, do consider visiting the ‘Networking: Not Working in India’ article. Once convinced, here are some more meaningful points you can count on, for stepping into this ocean. Note: The scope remains as Networking around Cisco technologies.

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Networking: Not Working In India?

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For those of my dear friends knowing little or absolutely nothing about my business, there are three divisions in my company of which, one happens to be ‘networking’ (the one that I take care of). Again, for those not having sufficient knowledge of my professional background, I happen to have post-graduated from Networking field and I have worked with a security software company as a software engineer for some time.

And now the work I’m doing is completely into core-networking (hardware). So what should be the motive behind this paradigm shift? Trust me, money isn’t first reason here (for a change). Just to relate this to one of my earlier articles (Of all, why Bhopal?), there are reasons to address the need of Networking-business, and that too in Bhopal. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do so far. And the path ahead isn’t easy either. But then, as far as there's work, it’s always great! Over-work is never a problem -  no-work can be the issue!

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