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By Rahul Desai On June 25, 2017

5 Ways To Say Wah Taj

What can I say? People love flaunting, and no different am I! I, fortunately, possess many things worth boasting about. Like ...

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By Rahul Desai On October 6, 2010

Propeller Confessions

Ever tried locating your house from an aeroplane approaching your ‘home’ airport? I’ve tried that. I do that. Every time....

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It must have been due for a while. Especially for the things I’ve done (rather, things that happened to me) in last two weeks,

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To Himalayas, via McDonald’s at Lonavala: Just like all my previous whacky trips, this too had to start on an odd note. For...

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By Rahul Desai On April 3, 2006

Journey To Bhopal

Titles can really be deceiving. The ideal article-title here could have been “Traveling by Raj National Express”. I basically...

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