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Propeller Confessions

Rahul Desai
October 06, 2010
3 mins read
Ever tried locating your house from an aeroplane approaching your ‘home’ airport? I’ve tried that. I do that. Every time. While taking off. Landing. Hovering. And fail to find anything. Every time. I can't even locate/recognise a specific area,...
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Cloud Computing - Taking Us Green

Rahul Desai
May 30, 2009
4 mins read
‘Go Green’ seems to be the Mantra of the moment. Not sure if it’s an outcome of the recession, every organization is talking about it – big time. I recently happened to attend one of Microsoft’s technology conferences - Tech.Ed 2009 (SHOW TIME!!...
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An Eye In The Sky

Rahul Desai
April 04, 2006
7 mins read
  This article is a core-IT (Information Technology) subject with a core-professional interest for the related people. Any person outside this domain is likely to start throwing up right at the beginning of the article. Further (obviously), a...
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Networking: As A Career

Rahul Desai
February 10, 2006
3 mins read
Oops! This article was supposed to be a sequel, but I’m afraid not many have read the previous one. Not an issue as such! Let that be the prequel, since the content in this article is likely to be of some actual use. Less gyan more maal! If...
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Networking: Not Working In India?

Rahul Desai
February 06, 2006
2 mins read
For those of my dear friends knowing little or absolutely nothing about my business, there are three divisions in my company of which, one happens to be ‘networking’ (the one that I take care of). Again, for those not having sufficient knowledge...
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Have I Been Too Late?

Rahul Desai
December 08, 2005
3 mins read
A wi-fi enabled notebook and a compatible multimedia mobile-phone (with sufficient calling currency) can make a killer combination. 6:25 on a Thursday morning, the computing machinery wakes up and a preset media player playlist pops up (Windows...
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