Understanding And Pursuing 'Clarity Of The Self'

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History repeats itself. It does. Earlier this evening, I was sitting at home sipping the best coffee in the world (I made it); and it suddenly felt if I was getting back to my good old routine.

Well, talking of ‘repeating’, the only thing in common was the coffee in the evening and The Economic Times – Editorial page. But that too was good enough for me to plunge into the days in Bhopal. I can still remember how I finally grew the habit of reading The ET, thanks to Raghu (CEO, iBranch.in). The better, I am now at this new home (/house/flat/apartment) of mine with absolutely no looking back.

So I landed up at the spiritual column - ‘Cosmic Uplink’. Although the article could've been more interesting compared to regular ones, this one part of it made great sense to me: 

…the pursuit of atmasuddhi involves freedom from all aspects of one’s past and present, which have the effect of sullying his soul, reflected in unnatural developments or situations, obstacles, shallow relationships, fruitless transactions and such irritants, which most persons are heir to.

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The Divine Self Lives Within You

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  • Done with all the books in your collection and wondered what mroe to read? 
  • Hate fiction, and need a break from philosophical/idealistic books? 
  • Ever felt that urge of reading but not sure what to read? 
  • (With my limited collection of books, this is the permanent challenge I face every now and then.)

Well, The Economic Times Editorial page is the place for you. Of all the columns, ‘Cosmic Uplink’ has always done wonders to me. Without dragging it further, here’s a short story I recently read in that column. The message of this short-story is much shorter than the story itself – however, it channelises us to ‘the ultimate’. I liked it. I hope you like it too.

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Suhas and Hiral – one of my closest friends and one of his closest cousins, resp – recently brought this amazing game from one of their (common) closest cousins, a game called OSHO – Heart to Heart Tarot (A Unique Tool for Spiritual Quest).

The ‘tool’ had a big set of cards – big in size, like those real (stupid?) tarot cards. Every card had an amazing picture painted on it, with a word/virtue linked to it – things like wholeness, patience, deathlessness, and eighty odd such cards. The other thing was the book - the instruction book, which had detailed description about the attribute written on the card. Like any other simple ‘game’, one had to pick a card (spread upside down on a table, next to a magic crystal ball – just kidding) from the bunch and the ‘Reader’ would read out the significance from the Instruction book (or just speak out of mugged up knowledge). Simple as that!

The interesting part, it was a ‘game’ for all of us - the night Suhas and Hiral brought this ‘tool’ in, it was pretty late and I was half asleep. They still made me pick a card and it read ‘Listening’. Then someone read through the instruction book, and I was quite impressed by the excerpt, I had to tell Kaushal about it. Kaushal is an insanely crazy Osho-fan. He dropped by my place, I showed him the cards, he made me pick one and guess what? Of eighty odd cards, I happened to pick “Listening” again!

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How To Deal With Change?

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"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power." - Alan Cohen

“The key to change... is to let go of fear.”

Change’ as they say, is the only constant. It’s inevitable and it’s here to stay. So how do we go about living with changes (unpleasant, unwelcome in most cases)? I don’t have any magic mantra for that. My knowledge is limited to this webpage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Change

However, one of my friends happened to find more. Here are some points from the email he forwarded. 

Most people appreciate change — as long as it's happening in someone else's life. We all admire those who face major challenges in their lives and grow from their experiences to become better and stronger people. How brave and exciting! What a terrific story! But when we face change in our own lives, we feel very different emotions: we feel doubt and fear, annoyance and anger, sadness and guilt.

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The Formula For All Round Success In Life

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Stress Management - When and How?

Do one thing at a time. Do it mindfully. Do it well. Enjoy the satisfaction. Then go on to the next thing. Multitasking might work for computers, but humans have yet to get the hang of it. It leads to careless mistakes, shoddy work and unreliable performance. Worst of all, having to do things over. This is no way to live. Give what you’re doing your undivided attention. Take the time to get it right. And enjoy the experience. Is your life fulfilling? Or is it merely crammed? Know the difference and you’ll realize it’s not the quantity of activities you engage in (or possessions you collect) that ultimately determine your happiness. One naturally unfolding, enriching experience can easily surpasses many rushed and distracted ones. But you may be so chronically overscheduled, you never give yourself a chance to enjoy anything to the fullest. Experiment. Choose an occasion and give it your complete, mindful and unhurried attention....

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Discussion Between Rulers Of The Earth

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This is in regard to our discussion that day in Jehan Numa about what Ram said to Bharat when he came to meet him in forest. It’s a glimpse into what it takes to rule! It’s all common sense and high degree of self-discipline. (Link at the bottom)

There are many things which Rama refers to in his lecture, which suggests that their issues were not very different from what they are today.

He talks about:

  • Corruption in the army
  • Bogus spiritual preachers
  • Vagaries of monsoon (indirectly so, by saying "fields should not be fed exclusively by rains")
  • Smart-brains turned anti-social
  • Discrimination between rich and poor in imparting justice.- Atheism and "over-emphasis on religion"!
  • Preparedness of armies... etc.
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