The Divine Self Lives Within You

    Rahul Desai

    • Done with all the books in your collection and wondered what mroe to read? 
    • Hate fiction, and need a break from philosophical/idealistic books? 
    • Ever felt that urge of reading but not sure what to read? 
    • (With my limited collection of books, this is the permanent challenge I face every now and then.)

    Well, The Economic Times Editorial page is the place for you. Of all the columns, ‘Cosmic Uplink’ has always done wonders to me. Without dragging it further, here’s a short story I recently read in that column. The message of this short-story is much shorter than the story itself – however, it channelises us to ‘the ultimate’. I liked it. I hope you like it too.

    A seeker once went to a Master and asked to be initiated into enlightenment. The Master replied, “Tat tvam asi - you are That. The divine self lives within you. Meditate on that Self, merge in that Self, realise that Self.”

    “Is that all?” said the disappointed seeker. “But I already know that. Please reveal to me the inner secrets, the real stuff!” The Master replied, “That is all I know. This is the entire caboodle. I have no other secret. But since you don’t seem to be satisfied, try the Master who lives down the road.”Inner Peace

    The pupil hurried to the other guru and posed the same question. “I do not part with my teachings so easily,” replied the teacher. “You’ve got to earn them with sincere sadhana for 12 years.”

    The seeker agreed at once and was assigned to clean the cowsheds as part of sadhana day after day. Thus the years went by, with the seeker dreaming of enlightenment as he shoveled cow-dung every day. Finally, the great day arrived and the seeker ran up to the Master who said, “Oh Son! How well you’ve served me. So here it is: Tat tvam asi; Know it, meditate on it; merge into it.”

    “Is that all?” cried the enraged seeker. “But that’s exactly what the first guru said.” “Well,” the guru replied. “The truth hasn’t changed in 12 years!”

    Time for us to introspection!?

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