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Why Pune Is Not Bangalore

Rahul Desai
January 09, 2013
5 mins read
I have spent the biggest part of my sane life in Pune (Maharashtra, to be precise). If forced to define, I would say I am equally or more a Marathi (Maharashtrian) as I am a Gujarati. I have loved every moment (almost every) of my time being...
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5 Reasons To Quit Facebook

Rahul Desai
January 27, 2011
4 mins read
Being a social media addict, it is not easy to  NOT like Facebook or sorts. There have been really strong reasons, however, behind writing this article. We all 'Facebook' for one or the other reason. But there may be many others, why we should ...
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Original, Originality, et al.

Rahul Desai
December 07, 2010
3 mins read
How to produce original content? As an amateur blogger, like millions of others, I must find the answer to this burning question. In my recent conversation with someone very close and frank with me, I got an honest feedback that my last few...
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