Hypocrite That We All Are

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Paradox and Hypocrite happen to be two of my favourite words in the English language. I’m assuming it’s because I can relate to these terms quite closely. While I tend to find, notice and remark irony out of most of the practical situations, I feel I’m strongly responsible for their very existence. Thanks to some distinct contradiction between my speech and action, I manage to produce interesting whirls in many affairs I’m directly involved in. Such behaviour – often unintentional – is usually amusing and beneficial; however, the only honest word to define is Hypocrisy.

Much as I try to introspect and implement stronger life-ethics, I’ve observed I often (unknowingly) take a path of pretence – something that
 conveniently works my way. Not that I’m proud of it, nor has it played any role in the little success I’ve achieved in my professional and personal life; I can only be honest that I haven’t always been the most neutral person one should ideally be. And so I thought of resorting to someone I know who’s always stuck to her/his stand in everything s/he had to say, someone, I can learn from – like my parents, teachers, close friends, relatives. Drifting as my thoughts could be, I was led to think – Most of us are Hypocrites – at one or the other level.

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Accidentally Witnessed The History

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Yet another hot Sunday in Bhopal, Raghu and I were fearsly trying to get some work done at the office. With my typically casual interest in any cricket match, I just peeped into the scorecard. Half-way at the match, the result was quite obvious. 3rd Final of the Australia – South Africa ODI Series, I knew Australia already had it their way. What I didn’t know was that the train of surprises hadn’t even started off.

Those not into cricket, read: You just missed an adrenalin hit! Last 24 hours in the cricketing world have seen some real turmoil.

At lunch, the records as they occurred and the scorecard looked something like this:

  • 434: Australia, the first team ever to score more than 400 in an ODI
  • 256: Maximum runs scored in boundaries by a team in an inning
  • 150: Ricky Ponting scored fastest 150, just in 99 balls
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Some Nostalgic Moments: Watching Indo-Pak Cricket Series

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Match: India Vs. Pakistan
Venue: I2IT Cafeteria

I hope all of us from I2IT still remember those days!!!! That enjoyment, that mischieves, that Jeeva-Ranjeeta story!!  

That was really best days of Life!!! Cricket watching was never so enjoyable before that. I am missing that experience now at the start of the latest series between India and Pakistan.

I think the euphoria was in entire world due to India's first visit to Pakistan in 14years, but in I2it it was due to devine presence of some of the great human beings!!!!

I agree that Cricket only can unite India in a second. That all could see at that time in I2IT cafeteria!!! Almost entire college was there to witness some of the most memorable moments of their life, in terms of Cricket and enjoyment.

I hope everyone will cherish those moments this time around and support India to be triumphant this time also!!

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Once An A$# Always An A#$

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The same applies to our very dear Jammy as people call him, such a spineless creature he is, which he had been proving in the past and has proved it yet again.

Remember The GREAT WALL of India Rahul Dravid doing wicket-keeping under the influence of former captain Ganguly? The same guy under the influence of ‘someone’ from Australia as I would say is in process of ditching none except the person with whom he has travelled so far so good...

I am not a great supporter of Saurav Ganguly, but still I feel that the departure is unfortunate as far as Indian cricket is concerned. There could have been a better way to end the things. As it has always been the trend, that the selectors most of the time suck… and so did they this time. Moreover swearing on their children in public? WHAT THE HECK??

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