Sensex Beats Dow In Numbers Game

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The Dalal Street bulls finally went one up on Wall Street for the first time in more than 11 years. The Sensex surpassed the New York Stock Exchange’s Dow Jones Industrial Average index, closing at an all-time high of 11,183.48 on Wednesday. The Dow closed at 11,154.34 on Tuesday.

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Blogging For Money

6 min read | About Career, Blogging

This certainly isn't the greatest article I've ever read. And frankly, it talks crap. Just that the other day I got to talk to our very own Ms Bhavana Musuluri and she somehow feels that blogging is the only thing I'm involved (engrossed?) into (and not my work or business or girls or any other more considerable things). May be she didn’t mean all the other stuff. However, here’s an article I came across a few days back, which has some relevance.

They say, some people have actually quit their greatly-paying jobs (and source of brown-bread and cheese-spread) for taking up full-time activity called Blogging. Topic’s of interest. At least it boosted me that the only thing I lack today is a quality content - something others might really consider worth ‘reading’. So, here you are, an article from ‘Business World’ March 13, 2006 issue, dedicated to our guest visiting home, Bhavana:

There's Money in it, Honey!

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Discussion Between Rulers Of The Earth

1 min read | About Politics, Spiritual, Mythology

This is in regard to our discussion that day in Jehan Numa about what Ram said to Bharat when he came to meet him in forest. It’s a glimpse into what it takes to rule! It’s all common sense and high degree of self-discipline. (Link at the bottom)

There are many things which Rama refers to in his lecture, which suggests that their issues were not very different from what they are today.

He talks about:

  • Corruption in the army
  • Bogus spiritual preachers
  • Vagaries of monsoon (indirectly so, by saying "fields should not be fed exclusively by rains")
  • Smart-brains turned anti-social
  • Discrimination between rich and poor in imparting justice.- Atheism and "over-emphasis on religion"!
  • Preparedness of armies... etc.
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Accidentally Witnessed The History

2 min read | About Bhopal, Cricket

Yet another hot Sunday in Bhopal, Raghu and I were fearsly trying to get some work done at the office. With my typically casual interest in any cricket match, I just peeped into the scorecard. Half-way at the match, the result was quite obvious. 3rd Final of the Australia – South Africa ODI Series, I knew Australia already had it their way. What I didn’t know was that the train of surprises hadn’t even started off.

Those not into cricket, read: You just missed an adrenalin hit! Last 24 hours in the cricketing world have seen some real turmoil.

At lunch, the records as they occurred and the scorecard looked something like this:

  • 434: Australia, the first team ever to score more than 400 in an ODI
  • 256: Maximum runs scored in boundaries by a team in an inning
  • 150: Ricky Ponting scored fastest 150, just in 99 balls
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The Rise of India

[If you're an IT-guy, you must have received this forward by now. If not, here you are:]

What will India's innovation and booming economy mean for Americans?

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Of All Places, Why Bhopal?

4 min read | About Career, City, India, Bhopal

Why Bhopal? The answer is simpler than tougher. However, the issue is severe: Why start a business in Bhopal?

And that makes this article more interesting and complicated, since the facts about the city are flatly unknown to the most of non-Bhopalis. Through this, I also mean to touch the root of the definition of a city. It apparently is the motive behind our local information portal: What is there that we want to bring into Bhopal as a city which it doesn't have (a defined medium), through what it already has (the human and the technological resources). Any ways. Question still exists: what is a 'city'?

Relying on some dictionary-meanings and some definitions from renowned institutions, a ‘city’ stands for: A large and densely populated urban area; includes several independent administrative districts; has cultural diversity; is more politically important than towns and villages; has some degree of self-government; or conglomerations of self-governing units. One very interesting definition read: a city is where you should be able to feel somewhat anonymous, and be able to do things without the whole place knowing about it before your own family knows. Makes complete sense to me. Who wants to live a celebrity life in a small-town? And between this, comes in Bhopal: A city spread over an area of more than 285 sq km, with a large population of almost 15,00,000 (in words, approx one and half million human beings. Or 1.5 M prospective customers?).

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The Best Things In Life Are Free

1 min read | About City, Bhopal, Festival

I am not talking about talking-for-free to absolutely anyone in any corner of the world (through Skype); nor is it about free Hotmail account you’re using for more than 10 years now. I’m talking about real things in life, which actually count. And they actually happen to be free.

Okay, I am not very good at English vocabulary (or Gujarati or Hindi) and in the public interest, I will keep from being poetic. Still, let me ask you something. Have you ever spent a breezy spring evening, by a lakeside? Let me portray the scene: an amphitheatre by the lakeside, with the audience facing the lake. The artiste sits in front with well-lit stage and the perfect ambience. Trust me, if the word angélique has a meaning, it can’t be better than this: a heavenly sight!

Oh, I can see my non-charismatic words haven't reproduced my zeal, the divine fiesta. The occasion was the celebration of successful 24 years completion of the local cultural activity organization ‘Bharat Bhawan’. Ustad Zakir Hussein on Tabla and Ustad Shultan Khan on Sarangee to inaugurate with, the 12 days long event staged Dr Kanak Rele’s Mohini-attam, Mrs Sharda Sinha’s Bhojpuri classical singing, Swami Ramswaroop Sinha’s Rasleela, and Pandit Ronu Majumdar’s Bansuri-vaadan and Kadri Gopalnath’s Carnatic style Saxophone jugalbandi to conclude: it was a power packed event overflowing with Indian classical music, and the best of the artistes in the field.

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