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5 Workout Tips That Work

Rahul Desai
July 24, 2011
7 mins read
When you learn, teach. When you get, give. - Maya Angelou (US Author & Poet, 1928) I’m no wizard in exercising or dieting. We have gym instructors and nutritionists for that. However, with consistent (read futile ) attempts over decades, I've...
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Road To Healthy Life ‘09

Rahul Desai
October 02, 2009
About a min read
Article title courtesy: Symantec Road to Cutting Edge ’09. The big difference being, when I write ‘Road’ I mean ‘Road’. Lately, with my highly conscious efforts to get into some good shape (other than ‘round’ shape), I had to make some serious...
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Liver And Brain Damaging Habits

Yogesh Trivedi
November 07, 2006
4 mins read
"This is why I keep saying Let’s start going to bed early… We don’t realize all these now, but it does have effects on our body, read this if this wakes you up!" While my work demands eating, sleeping and working at odd hours, Janak’s diet...
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Rocket Science Behind Hangovers

Rahul Desai
January 11, 2006
About a min read
For those less-fortunate who didn't get to study biology in their higher secondary school (unlike we blessed Gujarat State Board Science students, who were forced-taught the frog's anatomy and millions of organisms - in parallel to dealing with...
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