5 Workout Tips That Work

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When you learn, teach. When you get, give. - Maya Angelou (US Author & Poet, 1928).

I’m no wizard in exercising or dieting. We have gym instructors and nutritionists for that. However, with consistent (read futile) attempts over decades, I've attained the inside knowledge of why common people often fail to adopt a workout routine. I feel I must share the secret in the interest of humanity.

Starting way back from 6th grade in school when my parents took up ‘family lifetime membership’ at a Health Club at home, to Kota, Pune, Bhopal and now Bangalore. I’ve made generous donations to some of the biggest players in the ‘health and fitness’ business in these cities. And they have failed to get me what I want. Actually, I’ve failed to understand what I want – or rather, what I need to do. All I’ve gained is some more weight, increased BMI and learnt some creative excuses not to exercise.

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Road To Healthy Life ‘09

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Article title courtesy: Symantec Road to Cutting Edge ’09. The big difference being, when I write ‘Road’ I actually mean ‘Road’. Lately with my highly conscious efforts to get into some good shape (other than ‘round’ shape), I had to make some serious commitments. One of that happens to be my daily (evening) visit to Air Life Studio (the gym) around 7 PM.

I now know what they mean when they say ‘road to success is not easy’. My 3 km journey from my current residence to the gym is ‘that same road’ they’ve been talking about. While I can be home in less than 5 mins on my way back, reaching the gym during the evening peak-hours takes me at least 25-30 mins. ‘Deadlock’ jams at Parihar Chawk traffic signal (one of the most prominent, busiest, narrowest junctions of Aundh suburb) starts testing my patience and willpower. If waiting at the signal for ages and crawling at less than 10 kmph were not enough, the other day a bicycle-rider gladly slipped through small gaps, bumped onto the pedestrians’ path to ‘cycle-track’ and disappeared. While I was still stuck in the traffic at the same place and envying  thinking how lucky he was, he passed back in the opposite lane – probably done with his work (out).

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Liver And Brain Damaging Habits

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"This is why I keep saying Let’s start going to bed early… We don’t realize all these now, but it does have effects on our body, read this if this wakes you up!"

While my work demands eating, sleeping and working at odd hours, Janak’s diet doesn’t exactly fall into the ‘healthy’ category either. An irate Yogesh chose to forward this email with a warning note over breaking his head to make others understand. A guest post from Yogesh Trivedi.

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Rocket Science Behind Hangovers

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For those less-fortunate who didn't get to study biology in their higher secondary school (unlike we blessed Gujarat State Board Science students, who were forced-taught the frog's anatomy and millions of organisms - in parallel to dealing with tedious Pythagoras), here is a Sunday-morning special. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting: The technical explanation of a phenomenon called "hangover"!

Anatomy of a Hangover

All but the saintliest of us have been an office party casualty, waking up with a raging thirst, pounding headache, wobbly limbs and nausea. As the party season looms, our body fights and usually loses the self-induced chemical assault of a hangover.

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