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30 Odd. What is it like?

Rahul Desai

2 mins read

Exactly 5 years ago, I had written an article on how great a deal it was turning 25 – stepping into Grihasthashram. Apart from the poor response and less-welcome comments, it had content that seemed completely irrelevant lately. I deleted the article.

I had to wait for 5 years and another milestone of my age to write this article. It’s an interesting stage from 'numbers' point of view.

While I turned 30 today, both of my parents are 60. In ITSM terminology, combined, our age is 150 years. If we were to bill God (or nature?) for everything we do on a day-to-day basis, we would have billed for 150x365x24 man-hours. Of course, I’ve gladly ignored my sister’s existence for this hypothetical example. But I like this landmark. Anyway.

Quite recently, my father wrote about turning 60, and I wonder how it compares to my life at 30. Apart from the change in the age-group of 30’s in online forms, and being taken more seriously for the number 30, I’ve had a few things on my mind:

  • Like most other ‘friends’ lovers, the first thing flashing in my mind is the episode when Rachel turns 30, and she’s like “Can I keep the presents and still be 29?” I’m pointing at the ‘presents’ part here. I don’t want anyone to buy anything for me – but if you get one, I’ll accept. Like I accept the fact that I’ve turned 30.
  • So 30 it is. What’s it like? Interestingly, I’ve been trying to feel, think and act like a 30-year old for quite a few years now. Wonder what I was trying to get to. What should I try to get to? Introspection is in progress. The best part being, I don't have to 'try' anything - I am 30. For real!
  • They say one shouldn’t run after materialistic goals. I don’t fully agree with them, but I know it’s true. It’s a mirage. With all that, I can proudly pronounce I have already achieved, ‘acquired’ or at least touched everything ‘material’ that I’ve aspired. Now is the time to step forward. Do new things. Do all the other things – do them more frequently.

I wish I had written a book like Mark D. Csordos’ “35 Things I Learned Before The Age of Thirty” or possibly done something similar. But then, I’ve done other things. We’ve all had plans that may not have worked out, but there’re also unplanned achievements.

I'm surrounded by people I love. I’m happy. And excited!

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