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24 Jul, 2009 / by Rahul Desai / About 2 mins read

It’s like I waited my whole life… for this one night…
It’s gon’ be me, you and the dance floor…

It’s so amazing how we unknowingly manage to find things that can bring a smile to our faces. Take this random video I ended up with. What's more, they can make us write an article.

Okay, before you get impatient and click on the video link – here’s a brief history: Discovering this video was accidental and completely unintentional. I was browsing through Twitter Feed and realized Dharmesh-Bhai had been tweeting from Twidroid during an American Idol meet (or something similar – and better). Restlessly finding a better alternative for TweetDeck, I thought I had finally found the solution. Not to my surprise, I found the application was no good for my computer use and instead found this link on the top of their list. /* End of History */

And so I saw this video once. Saw it again. A couple of times more. I kept thinking what was it about this video that made me feel so good about and… Eureka! This entire video had great (and complete) relevance to Pritesh-Shilpi’s wedding and mainly Pritesh’s baarat (Sorry Shilpi, you missed it!).

I can clearly recall that winter evening in Surat (Gujarat) when Kirsten-Bhabhi, Hilde, Dharmesh-Bhai (can’t specifically remember him dancing though), Vipul-Bhai, Eva-bhabhi, Chintan, Bina, Paul (American/Indian Dancing Idol), Bhavana, Dharmang (the rising star), Krupa, Maya-aunty, Mahesh-uncle, Janak, Yogesh, Vaibhav and I danced like crazy on the city streets.

For that matter, the eve of the wedding… and some out-rehearsed dance performances! Given a choice, I would relive those three days again. And again.

By now, I’ve seen this video at least sixty times (including at least ten times at work – ten being an understatement). It kept feeling like I had been trying to look for something inside that video… and then it struck my mind: I am eagerly looking forward to Yogesh or Vaibhav’s wedding. (I’m equally cool with Khushbu or Minu’s wedding as well).

I need to attend a wedding (Read baarat) ASAP.

Link to the video


Congratulations, Jill-Kevin!

Thank you, Chris Brown, for Forever!



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