Raghu Pandey Playing Grand Piano

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Got this rare chance of touching a Grand Piano at MRA Panchagani. And the dude who has shot the video has edited it at his will :) So there is some discontinuity at times.


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Memories... Forever!

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It’s like I waited my whole life… for this one night…
It’s gon’ be me, you and the dance floor…

It’s so amazing how we unknowingly manage to find things that can bring smile to our faces. Take this random video I ended up with. What's more, they can actually make us write an article.

Okay, before you get impatient and click on the video link – here’s a brief history: Discovering this video was accidental and completely unintentional. I was actually browsing through Twitter Feed and realized Dharmesh-bhai had been tweeting from Twidroid during an American Idol meet (or something similar – and better). Restlessly finding a better alternative for TweetDeck, I thought I had finally found the solution. Not to my surprise, I found the application was no good for my computer use and instead found this youtube.com link on the top of their list. /* End of History */

And so I saw this video once. Saw it again. A couple of times more. I kept thinking what was it about this video that made me feel so good about and… Eureka! This entire video had great (and complete) relevance to Pritesh-Shilpi’s wedding and mainly Pritesh’s jaan (Sorry Shilpi, you missed it!).

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Talking of Dilemma, a few things hit my mind:
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilemma 
  • http://www.howstuffworks.com/morality-located-in-brain1.htm
  • That monophonic Dilemma – Nelly ringtone on Nokia 3310 mobile, back in early college days. 

The context in this article is slightly (or completely?) different. It’s the dilemma whether to stay back in Baroda or go back home.

This must be a great deal; it motivated me to ‘write’ after a long time – more than five months. I’m on my way to Baroda (Vadodara) Railway Station from Chintan-Bina’s residence. On one hand, it’ll let me spend one extra day with my parents before I conclude my three weeks long vacation. On the other, I’ll get to spend one more fun-filled Uttarayan celebration in Baroda.

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