My Tweet In Newspaper

Rahul Desai
February 02, 2010
About a min read
Wooppiee! My tweet got ‘published’ (as in ‘printed’) in today’s Times of India – Pune Mirror (Feb 2, 2010 – Page 31 Variety). Boy, am I excited to see my name up there! Probably my trip to Shirdi did some trick… (I just can’t stop blushing – as...
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Feels Like God

Vaibhav Goswami
January 09, 2006
2 mins read
This ad for the latest Bajaj Avenger 180cc DTSi, has captured a lot of attention. With a caption “Feels Like God”, there is a lot of talk going on about it. It’s a bit late to write a review, since the ad came out almost a year ago, but...
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