Liver And Brain Damaging Habits

3 min read | About Health

"This is why I keep saying Let’s start going to bed early… We don’t realize all these now, but it does have effects on our body, read this if this wakes you up!"

While my work demands eating, sleeping and working at odd hours, Janak’s diet doesn’t exactly fall in the ‘healthy’ category either. An irate Yogesh chose to forward this email with a warning note over breaking his head to make others understand. A guest post from Yogesh Trivedi.

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Resistance Is Futile

5 min read | About Blogging

With reference to one of my old articles, here's a supporting ET article (and you thought I would type such a long article, all by myself!?). It's an open secret that Blogs have moved beyond mainstream media in the form of fearless speech from individuals, with no limits. If you block the access, there are ways or the others to get anywhere over the web. Let’s get this straight, once and for all: You can’t ban anything on the Net. And so, here we are, in the world of Blogging!

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Got 10 Seconds?

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