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The only reason for India-Pakistan partition was Congress - few Congress leaders who were old, tired, not ready to fight...

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By Arthi Audiseshan On August 8, 2010

Train To Pakistan

Author: Khushwant Singh/ Publisher: Grove Press/ ISBN: 9780802132215 Arthi is back to pen her thoughts down and so is Train...

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Match: India Vs. PakistanVenue: I2IT CafeteriaDate: Some time in 2003

I hope all of us from I2IT still remember those days!...

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The massive 7.6 intensity earthquake that rocked Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India on Saturday is undoubtedly a great...
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Given the truth of the generalization that men start conflicts and women are left to pick up the pieces, it is hardly...

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...the trade between the two countries jumped from $154.95 mn in April-November 2003, to $380.79 mn in April-November 2004,...

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By Rahul Desai On November 26, 2005

The Burning K-wor(l)d !!

Kashmir: Ever since the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, India and Pakistan have been bitter rivals. What is...

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