India Unbound - Gurcharan Das

Written by Rahul Desai on 05 Apr, 2006

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Author: Gurcharan Das/ Publisher: Penguin Books India/ ISBN: 9780143063018

This being the first review on this blog, I wanted to write something really intereIndia Unboundsting (and inviting enough that a reader feels like revisiting). Before I can write a ‘review’ of this book, there’s a fundamental condition to be fulfilled.

This new book was the one I had borrowed from Ravi Kakadia during one of my trips to Pune – it’s a 2001 publication from Mr Gurcharan Das. India Unbound talks mainly about effects of globalization, and the indirect/direct changes that have reflected by opening up the economy. The most interesting part being, he has covered all the concerns and aspects of India and has explained them in separate-explicit chapters. I’m yet to complete reading it (being the reason, I can’t write a ‘review’). I’ll update the article once I’m done with it.The better part is that I’ve come across Mr Das’s online-articles-page on Times of India site (Source: Mr. Kakadia, again): Gurcharan Das: Men & Ideas. Do check it out...

[Have you read India Unbound? Would you like to write/complete this book review? Leave your contact details here or write directly to me.]

Rahul Desai

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