Understanding And Pursuing 'Clarity Of The Self'

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History repeats itself. It does. Earlier this evening, I was sitting at home sipping the best coffee in the world (I made it); and it suddenly felt if I was getting back to my good old routine.

Well, talking of ‘repeating’, the only thing in common was the coffee in the evening and The Economic Times – Editorial page. But that too was good enough for me to plunge into the days in Bhopal. I can still remember how I finally grew the habit of reading The ET, thanks to Raghu (CEO, iBranch.in). The better, I am now at this new home (/house/flat/apartment) of mine with absolutely no looking back.

So I landed up at the spiritual column - ‘Cosmic Uplink’. Although the article could've been more interesting compared to regular ones, this one part of it made great sense to me: 

…the pursuit of atmasuddhi involves freedom from all aspects of one’s past and present, which have the effect of sullying his soul, reflected in unnatural developments or situations, obstacles, shallow relationships, fruitless transactions and such irritants, which most persons are heir to.

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Quick 15, Favorite 15

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There was this note by my cousin - Khushboo on Facebook some time back about listing fifteen books (in really short span of time with some other wacky (whacky?) ‘rules’). One of the rules talked about listing ‘the first fifteen books I’ve read’. One, it was real hard remembering fifteen book titles, let alone having read them. Two, what's the point?

Anyway, so here’s the list of first fifteen book-titles I could recall. I’m afraid I haven’t completed reading them all, but that’s not mentioned as mandatory in the ‘rules’. So I’m good. Here’s the list. (Oh, here are the ‘rules’ for the convention sake.)

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. List fifteen books you've read that will always stay with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in less than 15 minutes. Tag friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose. 

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Raghu Pandey Playing Grand Piano

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Got this rare chance of touching a Grand Piano at MRA Panchagani. And the dude who has shot the video has edited it at his will :) So there is some discontinuity at times.


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Road To Healthy Life ‘09

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Article title courtesy: Symantec Road to Cutting Edge ’09. The big difference being, when I write ‘Road’ I actually mean ‘Road’. Lately with my highly conscious efforts to get into some good shape (other than ‘round’ shape), I had to make some serious commitments. One of that happens to be my daily (evening) visit to Air Life Studio (the gym) around 7 PM.

I now know what they mean when they say ‘road to success is not easy’. My 3 km journey from my current residence to the gym is ‘that same road’ they’ve been talking about. While I can be home in less than 5 mins on my way back, reaching the gym during the evening peak-hours takes me at least 25-30 mins. ‘Deadlock’ jams at Parihar Chawk traffic signal (one of the most prominent, busiest, narrowest junctions of Aundh suburb) starts testing my patience and willpower. If waiting at the signal for ages and crawling at less than 10 kmph were not enough, the other day a bicycle-rider gladly slipped through small gaps, bumped onto the pedestrians’ path to ‘cycle-track’ and disappeared. While I was still stuck in the traffic at the same place and envying  thinking how lucky he was, he passed back in the opposite lane – probably done with his work (out).

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