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For months, I had completely disconnected from news and newspapers simply because of the extent of negativity they concentrate on. I do have all the respect for media – paper and electronic – much more than what they deserve; still, I feel what we’re witnessing these days is the all-time-worst decline in journalism standards (so in India, at least).

Fortunately, we also have some quality options like Times of India – Crest Edition (thanks to Kaushal for referring this to me, I’ve been a regular reader again). I was recently reading about Security and Privacy in their recent issue (Cover Story: Dec 18, 2010). Putting aside Wikileaks and Assange’s method of reaching the truth, the message is clear that balance is disturbed. Bad is weighing over Good and if the Karmic Law is to be believed, we’re in for a big trade here.

I turned pages and appeared the epic 2G scam. People in the West are moving to 4G and our ministers (and TelCos) are spending billions to make sure we don’t move to 3G as well! Surprisingly, amidst extreme pessimism and negativity, somewhere I could sense the ray of hope. As they say, this too shall pass!

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An Earthquake To Repair The Indo-Pak Fissures

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The massive 7.6 intensity earthquake that rocked Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India on Saturday is undoubtedly a great human tragedy.

It is also an occasion for governments in the region to set aside their differences and deal together with the devastation. Shockwaves from the earthquake covered the 625-mile stretch between Kabul, Islamabad and New Delhi.

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