When Opponents Cooperate

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I'm not the greatest at management fundamentals, and describing this logic in my language will be tough (for the reader to digest). So like an established programmer, I will simply Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V this article from The Economic Times (New Delhi, January 25, 2006), Money Talk. I prefer reading ET regularly, however 'Editorial' is the only page I manage to read for sure. And that's where I came across this well-pondered article on Indo-Chinese trade-ties.

I am equally horrible at management jargon, and please correct me if by the end you realise I have completely killed the crux of the article. As far as I could see it, it’s about collaborating with your opponent and simply leaving the rest wondering! Though this particular article talks about probable Sino-Indian tie-ups in energy sector, the concept makes great sense to me. For that matter, any such initiative is more likely to solve many other political issues between the two human-resource giants. In fact, how about growing such a scenario between India-Pakistan too? Okay, maybe I am deforming the morale of this article. Back to the point, here is an interesting read from Mr. M K Venu, "It’s time for an Asian energy forum"!

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