5 Ways To Say "Wah Taj!"

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People like to flaunt. And no different am I! I, fortunately, possess many things worth boasting about. Like my wife’s PhD, her research work. Like my blog. The latest addition to this list is this cheeky question: “Have you visited the Taj?” Shockingly, a lot Indians who otherwise have an easy access to this spectacular Wonder of the World are oblivious to its exquisiteness. If you have also been humiliated by this pinching question, here is your calling! It is never too late to say “वाह, ताज!

Assuming you have taken the first clue to visit the Taj, you may start your planning with this article. Like any other vacation, this too requires planning. (Vacations, when planned, often yield more fun. Learnt by experience. Unplanned vacations can be more fun for that matter. Let’s just ignore this whole point.) When it comes to travelling in India, some amount of research and a significant amount of advanced planning can make your life exponentially easier. Point being, before you scoot off, do some homework! Based on my wife’s and my first-hand experiences, here is Chapter 1: “Where Do You Start From?”

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