It's About Helmetting Right

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If my existence mattered to you (in any positive way), you must thank ‘Vega’ for saving my life. (Or at least, for saving my aashiq ka thobda from getting deformed completely.) Vega is a helmet manufacturer in India, and one of their products is taking great care of my Einstein-brained head for more than two years now.

To jot another similar incident, apart from my own this last Saturday, a year and a half ago one fine evening Raghu and I (we all know Raghu well enough by now, don’t we?) were sitting in our hostel room. If I recall correctly, we were trying to synchronize some jazzy music over the LAN by playing it on two computers simultaneously and trying to create some unusual acoustic effect, just when Vaibhav came rushing in. Vaibhav (Puri Goswami) lived just the next door, and he had returned from work (from his MS internship place). Instead of going to his own room, he came to us and showed us his helmet and its left side. Then he told us the story of how he was stuck in the traffic near Pune University Circle, was going so slow to the left of the road (parallel to the footpath) and lost his control falling down to his left side. It was such a controlled fall that his two-wheeler was all safe, and his entire body was equally fit - apart from the fact that his head (protected by the helmet) had banged onto the edge of the footpath. It was a hard hit, he passed out for a while and lost complete track of what was happening. He had to sit back by the roadside for some time and then proceeded and reached hostel to tell us the story. The helmet saved us our precious friend, unlike the case about three and half years ago when the same helmet could have saved many other things apart from two important lives.

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India Unbound - Gurcharan Das

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Author: Gurcharan Das/ Publisher: Penguin Books India/ ISBN: 9780143063018

This being the first review on this blog, I wanted to write something really interesting (and inviting enough that a reader feels like revisiting). Before I can write a ‘review’ of this book, there’s a fundamental condition to be fulfilled.

This new book was the one I had borrowed from Ravi Kakadia during one of my trips to Pune – it’s a 2001 publication from Mr Gurcharan Das. India Unbound talks mainly about effects of globalization, and the indirect/direct changes that have reflected by opening up the economy. The most interesting part being, he has covered all the concerns and aspects of India and has explained them in separate-explicit chapters. I’m yet to complete reading it (being the reason, I can’t write a ‘review’). I’ll update the article once I’m done with it.

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An Eye In The Sky

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This article is a core-IT (Information Technology) subject with a core-professional interest for the related people. Any person outside this domain is likely to start throwing up right at the beginning of the article. Further (obviously), a big part of the article content is inspired from a whitepaper with the market-research objective. Non-techies can drop the article right here or there's always an option of challenging your puking sensation. ITians, just dig in. I've deliberately left some points untouched and unexplained. I would love to discuss them in detail, should someone notice and raise these points.

So here you are, 'IP-Surveillance: A Report'

An Eye In The Sky

All those into computer networking related (based) businesses (or investments), this is the high-time to get in to the IP video surveillance. With a large untapped customer base just waiting to be explored, the new age IP surveillance is best suited for solutions providers as with networking skills. I've just touched it and I realized there's a lot to be explored, learnt and encashed (at least for the networkers).

So get in to the opportunity and enjoy the first mover advantage, before it becomes an en masse business.

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Journey To Bhopal

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Titles can really be deceiving. The ideal article-title here could have been “Traveling by Raj National Express”. I basically wanted to write about my recent journey from Pune to Bhopal by bus. A great new experience altogether! Like okay, I used to have 24 hrs bus-journeys from Bangalore to Mumbai and Pune to Indore and so. But gone are the days. Lately my super-delicate body has left me with no option than train/air route or on occasions, NO route! More than 4-5 hrs, by road, that too in a bus (let it be Volvo whatever), it’s just not my cup of tea any more.

However, beliefs are made to be broken I must say (or was it theories?). I was left with no option, had to take a bus to Bhopal and guess what? I know at least three airlines which offer cheaper air-fares than this bus fare. Against less than two hours journey to Bhopal (for Rs 950Air Decaan, Rs 550 Go Air, Re 1 Air Deccan FF-Bonanza Bid), I opted Raj National Express (formerly Raj Travels) with a 15 hours alternative for Rs 990.18 (inclusive of all taxes). However, it wasn’t NOT worth it.

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